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Submit Leave of Absence, Half-time Study, and other requests through our online system. Access academic and financial support letters from the Dean of the Graduate Division.

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All academic deadlines are set by the Office of the Registrar and are subject to change. Please see the Registrar's Enrollment and Registration Calendar for the actual dates.

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Dissertation & Thesis Formatting

The final version of the dissertation/thesis must conform to procedures outlined in the "Preparation and Submission Manual for Doctoral Dissertations and Master's Theses".

Submission Manual

Dissertation & Thesis Appointments

Schedule your dissertation/thesis review and submission appointments

Submission Calendar

Featured Resource: Conflict of Interest (COI) Office

The University provides numerous opportunities for students to work in the private sector as part of their education. This working experience complements academic curricula and enhances its relevance. Benefits of students working with the private sector include opportunities to apply theory to practical problems, and the development of work skills, such as critical thinking, communication, business acumen, and team participation leading to increased understanding of career possibilities and potential career directions.

The involvement of students and postdoctoral scholars with the private sector should enhance their educational experience and not unduly influence or restrict their academic and research choices.  

Conflict of Interest article for UC San Diego graduate students

To see how the COI Office can help you as a graduate student, please visit their website.