Graduate Resources

Writing + Critical Expression Hub for Graduate Students! Grad students can take papers, theses, dissertations, cover letters, CVs, etc. to the Writing Hub. We are trained to notice and provide some support with writing mechanics. Beyond that, we’re intended to be educated ears for your ideas and eyes for your paper, sounding boards, resource providers, or even advice-givers; you know, consultants. You can make an appointment at the Writing Hub’s website. In addition, if you want a quiet, comfortable atmosphere in which to pound through some writing, every Monday and Thursday morning from 9 to 10:30am there is a Graduate Writers’ Room. There are also Grad Writing Retreats for longer-term writing. This is all held at the Teaching + Learning Commons in Geisel Library, first floor west. Come on down!

Click on the links or the tabs to explore the following graduate resources:

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