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Transportation to Orientation

Lyft: Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates will receive a $15 free ride credit when they set up their Lyft business profile. The ride credit expires after two weeks. To ensure you are able to take advantage of the ride credit, register when you are ready to begin using the service. Sign up here.

Shuttles/Buses: If you live in graduate housing, you may walk or take the shuttle to campus. Click here for more information regarding shuttle schedules. Signage will be up to help you find your way to Library Walk.

Please note: There will be after-hour social events happening from 5-11pm. The MTS bus lines 201/202 last pick-up is at 10:15pm at Gilman and Myers. For more general transportation information, please visit the UCSD Transportation page. Please plan your transportation accordingly.

Parking: If you will be driving your own car, click here for more information about visitor parking and other parking permits available. Refer also to the campus map here for parking availability on campus. Signage will be up to help you find your way to Library Walk. 

REMINDER: Parking is NOT free, there will be a fee for the day. Please click here for more information and prices.

Library Walk Map