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2017 Grad SLAM Finals

  • Suzanne Rohrback

    Biomedical Sciences

    "Cells are individuals too!"

  • Melissa Vipperman-Cohen


    "The Promise and Peril of Reputation"

  • Jonathan Trueblood

    2nd place winner!

    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    "Bringing the Ocean into the Lab to Understand Earth's Changing Climate"

  • Caleb Christianson


    "Bringing Soft Robotics to Life with Electricity"

  • Juliane Moreto


    "Let's Talk About Diabetes"

  • Matthew Wills


    "Paintings worth one thousand photos: propaganda in post-Mao China, 1976-1977"

  • Rongxin Fang


    "One Cancer Many Genomes"

  • Gopesh Tilvawala

    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

    "Neurotendo: Nintendo for Neurointerventionists"

  • Erin Smolak

    3rd place winner!

    Language and Communicative Disorders

    "Out of the Mouths of Babes: Child Language and the Economy"

  • Geoff Hollett

    1st place winner!

    Materials Science and Engineering

    "Using Geometry to Build Better Birth Control"